[SciPy-user] is there any plan to import BNT(bayesian network toolkit) from matlab?

sun flyhyena@yahoo.com...
Tue Apr 8 11:02:38 CDT 2008

"Andrew Straw" <strawman@astraw.com> wrote in message 
> See http://scipy.org/scipy/scikits/wiki/BayesNet . There are plans, the
> BNT license is scipy-compatible, and there are already 5 people
> interesting in developing. Speaking for myself, however, this has taken
> a lower priority than I initially expected due to the ever-changing
> energy landscape of a research program -- I'm simply too busy on other
> stuff right now to contribute meaningfully. I suspect the situation may
> be similar for the others listed.
> Nonetheless, we would welcome effort in this direction.
> -Andrew

Thanks for the link and also thanks to those who started to import it. 
Looking forward to see this project blooming soon.

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