[SciPy-user] is there any plan to import BNT(bayesian network toolkit) from matlab?

Karl Young Karl.Young@ucsf....
Tue Apr 8 12:37:51 CDT 2008

Just confirming Andrew's assessment of my situation (the description of 
his situation fits mine as well). I'm certainly willing to put some time 
into this project but don't have the time to organize it; while not an 
expert in either Bayes nets or python hacking I've done a fair amount of 
work with both (as well as Matlab in the ancient past, which might be of 
some use with the port).

>See http://scipy.org/scipy/scikits/wiki/BayesNet . There are plans, the
>BNT license is scipy-compatible, and there are already 5 people
>interesting in developing. Speaking for myself, however, this has taken
>a lower priority than I initially expected due to the ever-changing
>energy landscape of a research program -- I'm simply too busy on other
>stuff right now to contribute meaningfully. I suspect the situation may
>be similar for the others listed.
>Nonetheless, we would welcome effort in this direction.
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