[SciPy-user] What happened to ARPACK shift-invert/general eigenproblem routine?

Abhinav Sarkar abhinav.sarkar@gmail....
Wed Apr 9 08:17:21 CDT 2008

Neilen Marais <nmarais <at> sun.ac.za> writes:

> Hi,
> I used to use scipy.sandbox.arpack.speigs.ARPACK_gen_eigs() to use the 
> shift-invert mode of ARPACK to solve my problems. With the move of arpack 
> from sandbox to splinalg.arpack I can't seem to find this function. Any hints?
> Thanks
> Neilen

It has been moved to scipy.sparse.linalg.eigen.arpack.speigs.ARPACK_gen_eigs().


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