[SciPy-user] Python(x,y) - Python for Scientists

Tim Michelsen timmichelsen@gmx-topmail...
Thu Apr 10 17:58:26 CDT 2008

I like your initiative and will test it. It will ease up the installing 
whoes in Windows.

> The scientists among you may be interested in Python(x,y), a new
> scientific-oriented Python distribution. This Python/Eclipse distribution
> is freely available as a one-click Windows installer (a release for
> GNU/Linux with similar features will follow soon):
> http://www.pythonxy.com
Please consider preparing a new release after the forthcoming release of 
the Numpy 1.0.5.
I would also like if you could include the Scipy-Scikits.

Many thanks for your efforts.

Kind regards,

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