[SciPy-user] Newbie question: Is SciPy supported by Jython

Carlos da Silva Santos carlos.s.santos@gmail....
Fri Apr 11 11:20:54 CDT 2008

There is a (very old) port of Numeric to Jython:


Not exactly what you are asking for, but there are some solutions to
use java libraries from python or python modules from java, like:
Maybe you can do the trick with them. I never used those, so I don't
know whether they really work.

You could also use Javolution or other Java scientific package "to have similar
 sciPy functionalities" inside Jython. Of course, the API would be
different from scipy.



On 4/11/08, Normand Williams <normandwilliams@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have looked everywhere but cannot seem to get a clear answer to my
> question therefore I go to the source: Can someone tell me if SciPy is
> supported by Jython and if not what would be the way to go to have similar
> sciPy functionalities available for Jython?
> Thanks a lot for take time to answer this newbie. Normand.
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