[SciPy-user] BVP

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Fri Apr 11 15:31:27 CDT 2008

Hi Lorenzo,

Fri, 11 Apr 2008 15:11:35 +0200, lorenzo bolla wrote:
> Is there any package to solve Boundary Value Problems with Scipy? I'm
> thinking to something like Matlab's bvp4c. I found this, by Pauli
> Virtanen:
> http://www.elisanet.fi/ptvirtan/software/bvp/index.html, which is a
> wrapper to COLNEW, but it fails to compile/install. Here is the
> installation error:

I released 0.2.2 which should fix these bugs. (If not, I guess it's time 
for 0.2.3 ...)

> $> python setup.py install
> ImportError: No module named bvp/info


> building extension "bvp._colnew"
> sources
>   target build\src.win32-2.5\lib\_colnewmodule.c does not
> exist:
>    Assuming _colnewmodule.c was generated with "build_src --inplace"
> command.
> error: 'lib\\_colnewmodule.c' missing

Brown paper bag time. The 0.2.1.tar.gz is missing the .pyf files: somehow 
they don't get included by distutils when setuptools is imported, even 
though they are in the sources list. Anyway, this is fixed in 0.2.2.

Pauli Virtanen

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