[SciPy-user] Issues with TeX symbols and font changes

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Wed Apr 16 19:41:53 CDT 2008

Kacey A. wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've spent more time than I care to share trying to remedy this, but 
> it just doesn't seem to be working... So long story short, I'm trying 
> to insert a special symbol in my axis label, so I type the following:
> [1] xlabel = (r"Wavelength ($\AA$)")
> ...in order to receive the symbol for angstroms (an "A" with a circle 
> above it). Problem is... whereas the rest of my plot is in whatever 
> the default Scipy plot font is (Tahoma, perhaps?), the stubborn 
> angstroms symbol is in Times New Roman-esque font, which is bothering 
> me to no end. I've attempted just changing the font of the entire font 
> by using
> [2] font = {"fontname":"Times New Roman"}
> ...
> [3] xlabel = (ur"Wavelength ($\AA$)", **font)
> ...but unfortunately that does nothing to affect the font of the axis 
> tickmark labels (i.e. the numbers along the axes) -- so while my axis 
> labels (excluding the angstrom symbol) and plot text (i.e. 
> text(x,y,string)) might be in the font set via command [2], the axis 
> numbering will *still* be in the default (i.e. Tahoma).

I am not sure which package you are using for plotting, but in any case, 
this does not seem to be linked to scipy. Maybe you will have more luck 
on the maplotlib mailing list.
> For what help it's worth, I'm running OS X (10.4.11) and Python 2.5.1, 
> although I'm not 100% certain of what version of Scipy and Numpy I 
> have installed... (I *think* I'm running Scipy 0.3.2). I'm also using 
> TextMate to type and run my scripts.

python -c "import scipy; scipy.version.version; import numpy; 

will give you this information, BTW.



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