[SciPy-user] Python(x,y) - New release 1.1.0 --> Hooray

Python(x,y) contact@pythonxy....
Thu Apr 17 04:00:04 CDT 2008

Pearu Peterson wrote:
> I think everyone has the right to choose whatever license s/he will
> use for its software and not feel bad about it. PERIOD.

Thank you for your support, Pearu!
However, the purpose of this project is to help scientists to use Python:
licensing should be clear enough so everyone can download and use it
without any doubt.

> 1. What packages to include. It started out slim, but is now slowly moving
> to big, then probably on to sumo. Not sure what a good alternative is. As
> long as everything works, and it doesn't slow down releases of
Python(x,y) I
> see no problem. I REALLY would like a Mac version though.

New version is indeed bigger (~280Mb instead of ~230Mb) due to the
integration of ETS (mostly), but the overall size will be quite the same
for future versions (we always try to limit the number of packages).
No, it will not slow down releases. In fact, fast updating is one of the
top priorities of this project.

Mac version:
We would like a Mac version too, but there is no Mac user involved in this
project. Of course, we would be pleased to help any new contributor to
develop a Mac version.

> 2. What license to put on it. Not sure what the developers are thinking
> here. I read the confusion/discussion on the list, and when I clicked on
> license on the pythonxy.com website it turns out to be gone. So maybe they
> are rethinking it.

Yes, we are indeed rethinking Python(x,y) license.
Regarding the website, download and license pages will remain unavailable
until this licensing issue is cleared out. (hopefully around 6 P.M. GMT)


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