[SciPy-user] The IO library and image file formats -- compare with with PIL

Sebastian Haase haase@msg.ucsf....
Fri Apr 18 03:36:20 CDT 2008


Could someone here please summarize the plans for the io library !?

I saw that there are parts of it going into numpy already.
And more stuff is already in SciPy -- IIRC.

What is the status / plans regrading image formats like TIFF.
Are you guys planning to duplicate the efforts of the Python Imaging
Library ( PIL ) ?
Or can you just copy-paste some of the code ?

The reason I'm asking now, is that I just submitted a patch to PIL
that adds writing capabilities for MultiPage TIFF files.
I did not get any response on the PIL list,
and I'm actually still not clear on their handling of   free vs. commercial.
The commercial PIL license sounds like you have to pay $2000 to get
access to svn, i.e.  the current development version of PIL.
Anyone here who could comment on this ?

Sebastian Haase

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