[SciPy-user] Passing numpy array to a c function

Lou Pecora lou_boog2000@yahoo....
Sun Apr 20 16:13:34 CDT 2008

I think you have a typo.  See below:

--- Christopher Brown <c-b@asu.edu> wrote:

> Hi List,
> I am trying to pass a numpy array of float64's to a
> c function, and I am 
> not having much luck. I have tried every example I
> could find, and based 
> on everything I have read, this seems (to me) like
> it should work. 
> Here's a minimal version of my function:
> #include "Python.h"
> #include "Numeric/arrayobject.h"
> PyObject* my_c_function(PyObject* self, PyObject*
> args) {
>    PyArrayObject *array;
>    int i;
>    if (!PyArg_ParseTuple(args, "O|i", &array, &i))
>      return NULL;

Shouldn't the format string be "O!i" ??   Not  "O|i".

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