[SciPy-user] [numscons] 0.6.3 release: building scipy with MS compilers works

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Tue Apr 22 04:13:19 CDT 2008


    Sorry for announcing one more numscons release in such a short time: 
this releases can finally handle the last common platform, Visual Studio 
on win32. Win32 installers and source tarballs can be found on 
launchpad, as usual:


Python eggs on pypi should follow soon (I cannot upload to pypi from my 
lab, unfortunately).

Except the various fixes necessary to make the build work with MS 
compilers, there were a few improvements:
    - some more improvements for f2py scons tool, which simplified a bit 
some scipy scons scripts
    - the addition of a silent mode, to get more terse command lines 
output (not perfect yet), ala kbuild for people familiar with compiling 
linux (e.g. you get CC   foo.c instead of gcc -W -Wall blas blas blas). 
The goal is to make warning more obvious (and to fix them at some point, 
of course :) ). Just use python setupscons.py scons --silent=N with N 
between 1 and 3 to see the result.

As this was the last major platform I wanted to support, I can now move 
on polishing the API as well as starting a real documentation for 
package developers.



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