[SciPy-user] Random sparse matrices

Nils Wagner nwagner@iam.uni-stuttgart...
Tue Apr 22 11:24:57 CDT 2008

On Tue, 22 Apr 2008 18:19:24 +0200
  "Mico Filós" <elmico.filos@gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear all,
> Is there any function similar to octave's 'sprandn', 
>which generates a
> sparse random matrix with  values normally distributed?
> http://octave.sourceforge.net/index/f/sprand.html
> Thanks a lot in advance
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AFAIK, there is no function like sprandn

>>> dir (scipy.sparse)
['SparseEfficiencyWarning', 'SparseWarning', 'Tester', 
'__all__', '__builtins__', '__doc__', '__file__', 
'__name__', '__path__', 'base', 'bench', 'bmat', 'bsr', 
'bsr_matrix', 'compressed', 'construct', 'coo', 
'coo_matrix', 'csc', 'csc_matrix', 'csr', 'csr_matrix', 
'data', 'dia', 'dia_matrix', 'dok', 'dok_matrix', 'eye', 
'hstack', 'identity', 'issparse', 'isspmatrix', 
'isspmatrix_bsr', 'isspmatrix_coo', 'isspmatrix_csc', 
'isspmatrix_csr', 'isspmatrix_dia', 'isspmatrix_dok', 
'isspmatrix_lil', 'kron', 'kronsum', 'lil', 'lil_diags', 
'lil_eye', 'lil_matrix', 'sparsetools', 'spdiags', 
'speye', 'spfuncs', 'spidentity', 'spkron', 'spmatrix', 
'sputils', 'test', 'vstack']

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