[SciPy-user] Large matrix support

Dinesh B Vadhia dineshbvadhia@hotmail....
Fri Apr 25 16:01:16 CDT 2008

I'm (sadly or otherwise) developing using Python w/ Numpy/Scipy on a Windows XP machine.  The Python code will be moved onto a Linux server eventually.

My matrix sizes can be large ie. > minimum 20,000 rows x 1m columns.

When just creating these data sets using Python/Numpy/Scipy, I get pythonw.exe errors and the program aborts.  I guess the Microsoft 32K limit has been reached somewhere.

I haven't got any Python program to run with these data sets because of 'not enough memory' errors.  I'm waiting for the int8 support in the sparse library to hopefully resolve that issue.

Assuming, that the int8 support were available, will Python in a Windows environment allow the creation of these large matrices let alone run Python programs against them?

Btw, I have sufficient memory on my computer.

Btw btw, I'm not setup to create Numpy/Scipy svn builds but if some kind soul(s) were able to provide access to the latest pre-compiled Windows builds I'll happily be a guinea pig to test Numpy/Scipy against these large matrix sizes.



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