[SciPy-user] "Use minimum ordering" message

John Koschwanez jkoschwanez@cgr.harvard....
Thu Aug 7 09:07:57 CDT 2008

Simple problem. I'm relatively new to Python, and I'm writing a  
diffusion simulator using the sparse and linsolve modules. Each time I  
solve a matrix, I get the following message:
"Use minimum degree ordering on A'+A."
which results from a printf() in the get_perm_c.c file when a  
permutation matrix is set up.
1. Why is this message printed when (I assume) it is not a warning or  
an error? Any output like this slows down the solver when I'm solving  
tens of thousands of matrices.
2. Is there a way in Python to selectively ignore output statements  
like this? I don't want to comment out the source code and recompile.

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