[SciPy-user] Usage of PyDSTool

Rob Clewley rob.clewley@gmail....
Sat Aug 9 10:58:13 CDT 2008


> I also have the same problem. Although some of the aspects of PyDSTool
> can be grasped from the code and the documentation, I think many
> potential users would benefit from a couple of simple and illustrative
> examples, or, better, a hands-on tutorial. How can we help? :)

If anyone is willing to write tutorial materials I can give them write
access to the wiki, and of course I can help them to organize and
write it too. Also, if anyone has example tutorials for other packages
in mind that would make a good model then please tell me. I don't
exactly know what aspects need most attention. There are good
introductions to dynamical systems modeling techniques out there, as
well issues about numerical simulation and analysis in general. I
don't have time or inclination to repeat those, at least not to write
them myself -- others may feel free to and put them on the wiki. To
guide me better and make best use of my time, I'd like to get detailed
input as to what is missing from the comments in the example scripts
and some of the modules themselves (e.g., the suite of basic examples
at the end of Points.py). But it's much better if you can actually
write something instructive yourself, even just an outline that I can

Also, there's a tutorial for the somewhat related package XPP:


Are there any things there that could be helpful?


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