[SciPy-user] Usage of PyDSTool

Mico Filós elmico.filos@gmail....
Sat Aug 9 14:56:57 CDT 2008

Thanks Rob,

I think that the tutorial of XPP is a good example to look at. In my
opinion, what is missing is some documentation oriented to users
already familiar with dynamical systems (and, perhaps, with XPP) but
not particularly interested in the implementation details of the
module. My first stab at a tentative tutorial would include the
following points:

- How to specify a dynamical system (the equivalent of "Creating and
running an ODE file" in XPP tutorial)
- How to compute and plot trajectories. How to acces the data
(illustrating the concept of Point & Pointsets)
- How to change initial conditions ("Changing initial data" in XPP
tutorial, which basically describes the different options
inInitialconds menu). By the way, does PyDSTool includes a
functionality similar to Initialconds->Mouse/Mice (which allows to
specify with the mouse the initial conditions of a planar system)? I
am just curious.
- How to find the fixed points of the system and characterize their
stability. Also for 2D systems, how to get and plot the nullclines.
- How to plot simple bifurcation diagrams

etc. I personally prefer a good selection of clear (and commented)
examples to technical, "reference manual-like" descriptions.


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