[SciPy-user] need lapack/atlas/fftw

Rohit Garg rpg.314@gmail....
Thu Aug 14 04:08:08 CDT 2008

Hi all,

I have installed scipy,numpy,lapack,atlas and fftw from the standard
fedora repositories. Does anybody here know with options were they
configured? I mean, when I am going to use the linalg module, am I
using the lapack which uses ATLAS beneath it? I read in the list
archives that scipy depends upon lapack and blas. Can I just set an
environment variable somewhere to make it use ATLAS and FFTW?
(probably not, but gotta ask). In case the answer is no, I guess the
only way to do it is compile every thing by hand :(

I am using fedora 9, 64 bit on dual core AMD machine. My machine supports sse2

Off topic - I understand that numpy does not make use of SSE and
multithreading. If that is the case, I propose using the framewave
library for implementing both of them. Their goal is not to bias it
towards any particular company's chips and license is apache, so that
should be no problem. I ask it here because numpy page has no links
for dev lists and because I am eager to write code to achieve this.


Rohit Garg
Junior Undergraduate
Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Technology

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