[SciPy-user] from scipy import *, from scipy import signal

Ryan Krauss ryanlists@gmail....
Mon Aug 18 09:27:46 CDT 2008

I upgraded to svn this morning and am having a rough time.  I think I
eventually got everything to compile, but I am having problems running the
script I am working with.  I have two primary problems (I think).

1. I have a lot of legacy code of mine that starts with "from scipy import
*".  But with the current svn versions, this doens't seem to do what it used
to (it doesn't seem to bring in signal and integrate at least).

2. Secondly, adding "from scipy import signal" to fix problem #1, produces
this message:

In [2]: from scipy import signal
<type 'exceptions.RuntimeError'>          Traceback (most recent call last)

<type 'exceptions.RuntimeError'>: module compiled against version 1000009 of
C-API but this version of numpy is 100000a

What is the easiest way to resolve these two issues?


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