[SciPy-user] pyqwt or matplotlib

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Tue Aug 26 15:12:19 CDT 2008

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> Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 14:27:59 +0200
> From: bernardo martins rocha <bernardo.rocha@meduni-graz.at>
> Subject: [SciPy-user] pyqwt or matplotlib
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> Hi everybody,
> I'm starting to write a program with PyQt to visualize some traces from 
> a system of ODEs. I would like to plot one graphic for each variable 
> inside this PyQt application...and I'm wondering which one is the best 
> for it: matplotlib or pyqwt? I will read some files using PyTables and 
> then I'll plot everything and some of these files are very big, so I 
> need something fast and good.
> I've been using matplotlib for some small programs and it's very nice, 
> powerful and beautiful. I've already embedded some matplotlib plots 
> inside a PyQt application. But I have the impression that pyqwt is 
> faster than matplotlib. Is it true? Is there another library for 
> plotting that would do the job?
> Thanks!
> Bernardo M. Rocha

That is not an impression: PyQwt is much faster than matplotlib and is 
often used precisely to analyse huge data sets (here is an example: 
http://pyqwt.sourceforge.net/images/meq.pdf -- simple plotting, but very 
On the other hand, as you may know, matplotlib has *a lot* more 
features, but if you don't need them...


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