[SciPy-user] Curve fitting and LaTeX output

David Lonie loniedavid@gmail....
Wed Aug 27 21:09:06 CDT 2008

I'm using the scipy package to analyze data from my research. I'm
running into a couple problems I'd like some help with. 2 questions:

1) Curve fitting -- I have found linregress for linear functions,
polyfit for polynomial fits, and a description of using lstsq to fit
data that linearly depends on x. Is there a way to fit a curve of the
form, for example, y = a + b^x? I don't mind a RTFM response to this,
just please let me know which FM to R, because I can't find anything

2) LaTeX output -- I remember using R for stats before, but I'd like
to avoid going back to it if possible. IIRC it had the ability to
output latex tables, etc. that could be inserted into a document via
\input{} (I think). Is there a python module that provides a similar
output interface?

Thanks in advance,


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