[SciPy-user] Create a spectrogram from a waveform

Ed McCaffrey ed@edmccaffrey....
Sat Aug 30 17:23:30 CDT 2008


I wrote a program in C# that creates a spectrogram from the waveform of a
.wav music file.  I now want to port it to Python, and I want to try to use
SciPy instead of a direct port of the existing code, because I am not sure
that it is perfectly accurate, and it is probably slow.

I am having a hard time finding out how to do this with SciPy.  With my
code, I had a FFT function that took an array of real and imaginary
components for each sample, and a second function taking both that produced
the amplitude.  The FFT function in SciPy just takes one array.

Has anyone done this task in SciPy?

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