[SciPy-user] Software for economic experiments

Alan G Isaac aisaac@american....
Wed Dec 3 17:05:07 CST 2008

On 12/3/2008 5:34 PM Guilherme P. de Freitas apparently wrote:
> I was wondering if this could not 
> be done with Python. 

It certainly can be done with Python.
I might be interested in helping.

Will one subject at a time interact with the software, or
would it need to synchronously elicit responses from
multiple human subjects? What kind of network configuration
will you rely on in the lab?

What department are you in?  What are the research goals?
Is coauthorship a possibility?  Would the code be free and
open source (e.g., BSD license)?  Is the existing auction
code already FOSS licensed?  What language is it in?

Feel free to send a couple relevant papers,
if that might help me see into your project.
I have no substantial fisheries knowledge,
but I am an economist with Python programming
experience, and I think fisheries issues are

Alan Isaac
Assoc Prof Econ
American University

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