[SciPy-user] Software for economic experiments

Guilherme P. de Freitas guilherme@gpfreitas....
Thu Dec 4 02:19:01 CST 2008

>> 2. Can anybody point to work already done by someone in the community
>> that is similar to the one we need?
> Caltech runs a number of such web-based Econ experiments fairly
> frequently. Making money from them was a common hobby when I was an
> undergrad (Ruddock '03). You may want to ask around. Most likely, they
> were written by students long-since graduated and are poorly
> documented, but you never know. I would be surprised if you couldn't
> find examples of similar scope.

Sorry, I should have said work done *with Python*. From what I know,
people have mostly used Java.

>> 5. Maybe we will find someone to do the coding, but still it may be
>> useful to have an external "consultant"  that provides support to the
>> coder, and informs us of the quality of the code, makes sure it is
>> well documented, etc. I personally think it is easy to fall in the
>> trap of having someone come up with a hack that works for some
>> situations, and that is ill documented, etc. So, questions 3 and 4
>> apply to this kind of professional too.
> I'm not sure you'd get many takers for this, and you probably won't
> get your money's worth. It would be more cost-effective for you to
> simply hire a professional.

I agree. I just need to find such a professional. In any case, it
would be good at some point that grad students learned to do this
themselves, at least those willing to learn it.

>> 6. What else on top of the rough sketch below does one need to know to
>> have a good idea of how to do the job and how to price it? I intend to
>> define the variables and its relations soon.
> Some examples of the transition laws, quota allocation strategies, and
> cost functions would probably help. It would give the bidder a better
> idea of how much flexibility they will need. Similarly, descriptions
> of the auction software that you have available and the kinds of
> auctions and trading that you will need will help a lot. If you want
> to get new, reusable auction/trading components out of this, you will
> want a more thorough survey of what other groups in HSS may want, too.

Thanks for the tips!

Guilherme P. de Freitas

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