[SciPy-user] ANN: SfePy 2008.4

Robert Cimrman cimrman3@ntc.zcu...
Thu Dec 4 08:51:28 CST 2008

I am pleased to announce the release of SfePy 2008.4.

SfePy (simple finite elements in Python) is a finite element analysis 
software based primarily on Numpy and SciPy.

Mailing lists, issue tracking, mercurial repository: http://sfepy.org
Home page: http://sfepy.kme.zcu.cz

Major improvements:
- framework for running parametric studies
- greatly improved support for time-dependent problems
   - time derivatives of variables as term arguments
   - initial conditions via ics, ic_<number> keywords
- live plotting using multiprocessing module
- type of term arguments determined fully at run-time
- new terms, namely piezo-coupling

- enhanced acoustic band gaps code
   - dispersion analysis (polarization angle calculation)
   - applied load tensor computation
   - phase velocity computation for periodic perforated media with empty 
- improved schroedinger.py
   - plotting DFT iterations

For more information on this release, see

Best regards,
Robert Cimrman

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