[SciPy-user] high precision bessel’s functions

Leonid Chaichenets chaichenets@int.uni-karlsruhe...
Sun Dec 7 13:39:28 CST 2008


im looking for a high precision (more than float/double) implementation of
the hankel2 function.

My actual problem is, that i need to evaluate hankel2 of a realatively high
order (7.5) on a short path in the complex plane. Most of the precision is
lost, as the values are of high magnitude (10^6) and vary in the 6th decimal
place only. The roundoff errors then propagate through the calculation and
become significant.

Does anyone know an implementation of hankel2 with more precision? Can maybe
the scaled bessel functions (scipy.special.hankel2e) be used for that
(unfortunatly I couldnt find enough documentation on them)?

Thanks a lot,
Leonid Chaichenets.

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