[SciPy-user] scikit.timeseries plotting bugs?

Matt Knox mattknox.ca@gmail....
Mon Dec 8 11:41:42 CST 2008

> I tried installing the svn version and I got the following error :
> ...
> Do I need to remove the earlier version first?

In general, installing new versions of python packages without removing the
old version first can cause unexpected behaviour. There are a lot of problems
posted on the numpy/scipy mailing list which turn out to be someone installed
over top of an old version. Let me know if you still have problems after
cleaning out the old version.

> Well I guess my question is what do the minor ticks represent. If they
> represent weeks they look ok but if they are subdivisions of the major
> ticks then they should have the same spacing between any two major ticks.

They represent weeks in the case of your first graph. Note that it is not
possible to exactly evenly subdivide the major ticks because the major ticks
themselves are not evenly spaced (depends on number of days in the month,
etc). The minor ticks are normally placed at one frequency higher than the
major ticks (eg. if the major ticks are at one month intervals, the minor
ticks at one week intervals, etc).

- Matt

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