[SciPy-user] Audiolab 0.10

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Sun Dec 14 07:11:23 CST 2008


    A quick email to announce the 0.10 release of audiolab. This is a
major update of 0.9 (the ctypes code was replaced by cython, and should
be more reliable):

  NEW FEATURES since 0.9
   * CoreAudio backend for play function: this means mac ox X users can now
     output numpy array data directly on their output device

   * Sndfile and Format class: both sndfile and formatinfo are obsoleted by
     those classes. They are more complient with python conventions, and
     be easier to use. The old sndfile and formatinfo are still
available for
     convenience, but they are thin wrappers around Sndfile and Format
     You are advised to switch.

   * available_file_formats and available_encodings: those functions can be
     used to query the supported file formats and encodings. The old
     were fundamentally broken and never worked: those should work whatever
     sndfile version you are using.

   * New formats supported by the dev version of sndfile (1.0.18) are
     if built against those recent versions: ogg in particular, is fully
     supported, both through the Sndfile class and the matlab API
(oggread and

Win32 binary installers and mac os x .dmg (with libsndfile
1.0.18pre24h), so people don't have to build their own (statically
linked). Of course, source tarballs are also available on pypi.



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