[SciPy-user] ANN: SciKits Portal

jh@physics.uc... jh@physics.uc...
Tue Dec 16 08:46:50 CST 2008

I've added a section called New Code under the Source Code heading of
http://scipy.org/Developer_Zone that describes (in the vaguest terms)
SciKits and the process of bringing new code into SciPy.  Mainly I
wanted to get the URL to the SciKits site somewhere not-prominent on
the site so that we don't have to go delving through our old email to
find it before it goes live.  I think this should be ok since you've
already announced it on the mailing list.  Right now it says the site
is up for comment but is not yet taking new code.  Stefan & Co., feel
free to put in your names, Stellenbosh U., etc., or not, and edit
otherwise as you see fit.


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