[SciPy-user] ANN: SciKits Portal

Stéfan van der Walt stefan@sun.ac...
Wed Dec 17 08:27:33 CST 2008

Hi Damian

Thanks for the thorough feedback!

2008/12/16 Damian Eads <eads@soe.ucsc.edu>:
> 1. Are you going to put the source used to generate the general pages
> (e.g. About SciKits) in SVN? This way we can all collectively
> wordsmith so that the text on SciKits web site is the best it can be.

The code is now hosted at http://code.google.com/p/scikits-index,
we'll include a link at the bottom of the page.

> 3. I would include a quick, one paragraph blurb on the main page
> describing the purpose of the website. There should be no mention
> about reasons why a package is a SciKit and not part of the main SciPy
> because most users won't care. Here's a rough idea.

We are working on making all text editable, wiki-style.  Send me your
gmail login, then I can add access for you.

> "Welcome to the SciKits Repository, a searchable index of optional,
> add-on toolkits (called SciKits) for the SciPy platform. SciKits share
> the common ``scikits`` namespace but are independently managed and
> licensed under terms of the owner's choosing. SciKits cover a broad
> spectrum of application domains including financial computation, audio
> processing, geosciences, computer vision, engineering, machine
> learning, medical computing, bioinformatics. Each SciKit has a detail
> page with a description for it, its licensing terms, installation
> instructions, and documentation."

I added some version of your text.  You'll soon be able to update it
yourself.  My main goal is to keep the front page as simple as
possible -- I want the text to remain short and to-the-point, so that
people won't be intimidated by SciKits.

> 4. Will the front page include a chronologically sorted list of the
> latest releases of SciKits, similar to mloss, freshmeat, PyPi, or
> SourceForge?

Will be done this week.

> 5. You mention that you have a Google Web App that scans the SciKits
> trunk. Perhaps as SciKits grows, having all the SciKits in one SVN
> repository will become unmanageable? Also, are there plans to have an
> administrative interface for developers to edit information for their
> packages and announce releases? Will the web app provide all the
> flexibility we need in this regard?

The SciKits can be hosted wherever people want.  We just scan the PyPi
index for info.  You therefore update your package by editing setup.py
and running the appropriate pypi registration command.


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