[SciPy-user] information on statistical functions

Timmie timmichelsen@gmx-topmail...
Thu Dec 18 04:10:23 CST 2008


> I also find the population/sample distinction to be bogus, too. IIRC,
> there are even some sources which switch around the meanings, too. In
> any case, the docstring should have a section saying, "If you are
> looking for what is called the "unbiased" or "sample" estimate of
> variance, use ddof=1." Those terms are widely, if incorrectly, used,
> so we should mention them. I just find it disheartening that the terms
> are used without qualification.
First, let me state that I leaned statistics in German and hoped to find 
the right translation term.
For some terms, other languages may even not have a suitable translation.

Second, I would suggest to include the actual formulas in
such disputed docstrings.
I have seen that depending of the area of work, people tend use correct
scientific connotations or other terms (science vs. engineering).

The sphinxext of matplotlib offers a very convenient way to 
include maths formulas. These would make it clear.
In Excel (or Calc), the functions have different names but formulas remain.

Thanks for the explanations.

Kind regdards,

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