[SciPy-user] Save column & row headers to csv file withsomething like savetxt?

Dharhas Pothina Dharhas.Pothina@twdb.state.tx...
Fri Dec 19 13:46:38 CST 2008

Thank you for the suggestion Alan. I'm going to try scikits.timeseries.lib.reportlib that Pierre suggested first since I already have scikits.timeseries installed.

- dharhas

>>> Alan G Isaac <aisaac@american.edu> 12/19/2008 9:53 AM >>>
On 12/19/2008 9:07 AM Dharhas Pothina apparently wrote:
> I have a 2D array of results that my script has calculated.
 > I want to save them as a csv file so I can use them in excel or a report later.

You can use the `as_csv` method of SimpleTable:

Alan Isaac

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