[SciPy-user] Save column & row headers to csv file with something like savetxt?

Timmie timmichelsen@gmx-topmail...
Sun Dec 21 09:50:59 CST 2008

Hello Dharhas,

> location,max,min  
> jdm1,6,2
> jdm2,4.3,1.7        
> mcf1,7.7,2.2
> ...
> Is there already a simple way to do this?
> Another i/o question is that I keep getting a warning that fread is
depreciated. I am using it to read binary
> fortran data, what is the appropriate function to use now?

I also looked for something like this but never found it.
Then I posted a suggestion for the improvement of 

Although I have been neglecting the use of structured arrays, these would
represents a convenient way to save data including headers.

If there is a function in scipy/numpy which can save a structured array to a
file and writing the the field keywords as column column headers, please tell me.

Thanks and regards,

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