[SciPy-user] Is it possible with scipy?

Cohen-Tanugi Johann cohen@lpta.in2p3...
Wed Dec 24 07:58:28 CST 2008

You should probably give us a more detailed example of what you want to 
do, or simplify your example maybe, but in any case scipy is a numerical 
software, not a symbolic one. Have a look at sympy or maxima for 
symbolic computation.

olfa mraihi wrote:
> Hello Scipy community,
> I want to know if Scipy could deal with symbolic arrays and lists (by
> symbolic I mean without specifying the concrete contents of list or
> array)
> For example I want to solve a system of equations containing lists and
> arrays like this
> solve(x+Sum[A[k],k=i..N]==y+Sum[B[k],k=m..N],
> j-Length[C]==l-Length[D],
>  z/(c ^ i)==t/(c ^ h),
> u+1==2*v-3w,
> v=f(f(w)))
> (here A and B are arrays; C et D are lists;
> x,y,z,t,j,l,i,h,u,v,w are variables that could be of type integer or 
> real, c is a constant and f is a function):
> Thank you very much.
> Yours faithfully,
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