[SciPy-user] looking for a consultant for the design of an interface for our mathematical models

Marko Loparic marko.loparic@gmail....
Wed Dec 24 16:23:53 CST 2008


I am looking for someone that could help us to design (perhaps also to
implement) a user interface (GUI + repository of data) for our
mathematical models.

I work for a company in the energy sector. Currently in our department
we have 5 different mathematical models using different GUIs and excel
hacks to allow users to feed the data and get results. We would like
to have a single, powerful, user-friendly interface for all those
models. We need the help of an experienced and inventive software
designer to help us to choose the technology to use and to make the
design (possibly also the implementation) of the tool. Of course we
would like to reuse existing tools whenever possible.

We propose to pay for one or two days of consultancy when we will
describe our needs and discuss the possible design choices. Depending
on the conclusions we get we can work further together. We are located
near Brussels.

Usage of python is not a request but it is a natural choice since it
is the main language we use.

Any indication on how I can find the good person for the job would be
of great help!

Thank you very much!

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