[SciPy-user] looking for a consultant for the design of an interface for our mathematical models

Marko Loparic marko.loparic@gmail....
Thu Dec 25 04:06:29 CST 2008

Hi David,

It looks as a perfect company for us, although they are not in Europe.
I didn't know it. Thanks a lot!

We will probably be interested in having more than one advice, so
other suggestions can also be very helpful.


2008/12/25 David Warde-Farley <dwf@cs.toronto.edu>:
> Hi,
> Have you spoken to Enthought? They are a company deeply involved with
> NumPy and SciPy and finance much of its development, and are as such
> eminently qualified for this sort of work.
> See http://enthought.com/services/software-development.php
> David
> On 24-Dec-08, at 5:23 PM, Marko Loparic wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am looking for someone that could help us to design (perhaps also to
>> implement) a user interface (GUI + repository of data) for our
>> mathematical models.
>> I work for a company in the energy sector. Currently in our department
>> we have 5 different mathematical models using different GUIs and excel
>> hacks to allow users to feed the data and get results. We would like
>> to have a single, powerful, user-friendly interface for all those
>> models. We need the help of an experienced and inventive software
>> designer to help us to choose the technology to use and to make the
>> design (possibly also the implementation) of the tool. Of course we
>> would like to reuse existing tools whenever possible.
>> We propose to pay for one or two days of consultancy when we will
>> describe our needs and discuss the possible design choices. Depending
>> on the conclusions we get we can work further together. We are located
>> near Brussels.
>> Usage of python is not a request but it is a natural choice since it
>> is the main language we use.
>> Any indication on how I can find the good person for the job would be
>> of great help!
>> Thank you very much!
>> Marko

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