[SciPy-user] Python on Intel Xeon Dual Core Machine

Lorenzo Isella lorenzo.isella@gmail....
Sat Feb 2 09:22:14 CST 2008

Dear All,
I am currently using a Python script on my box to post-process some
data (the process typically involves operations on 5000 by 5000
The Python script also relies heavily on some R scripts (imported via
Rpy) and a compiled Fortran 90 routine (imported via f2py).
I have recently made a new Debian testing installation for the amd64
architecture on my machine [an Intel Xeon Dual-core pc] so I wonder if
there is any way to take advantage of both CPU's when running that
Is it something which can be achieved "automatically" by installing
and calling some libraries? Do I have to re-write and re-think my
whole script?
As you can figure out, I am completely new to multi-core machines and
running codes in parallel.
Any suggestions are welcome.
Many thanks


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