[SciPy-user] Initializing COO/CSR matrix before function call

Dinesh B Vadhia dineshbvadhia@hotmail....
Sat Feb 2 22:16:08 CST 2008

I'm using a function to load a sparse matrix A using coo_matrix and then to transform it into a csr_matrix.  We are testing a bunch of very large sized matrices A and hence the use of a function.  In addition, A is available to many other functions in the program.

Python says that A has to be defined (or initialized) before sending to the load function.  But, doesn't that mean initializing A as 'empty' or 'zeroed', both of which impact memory use, defeats the purpose of using coo and csr?  I've looked at the Sparse docstring help and cannot see a way out.

Have I missed something?

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