[SciPy-user] matrix-vector multiplication errors

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Sun Feb 3 01:19:19 CST 2008

Dinesh B Vadhia wrote:
> Matthieu
> We are using real data and are comparing it with results from a C++ 
> implementation and hence know that the results from the matrix 
> operations 1. and 2. are incorrect. 
Well, depends on the implementation you are using. Which library are you 
using for the computation in C++ ?
> The values of b after the A*x operation are all "-1#IND" for both 1. 
> and 2.
> Any ideas?
Without more details about the matrices, it will be hard to say. 
Basically, if we cannot reproduce your problem, there is little chance 
we can say for sure what the problem is,



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