[SciPy-user] efficient "inside polygon" test for an array??

John Hunter jdh2358@gmail....
Mon Feb 4 12:10:13 CST 2008

On Feb 4, 2008 10:28 AM, Eric Emsellem <emsellem@obs.univ-lyon1.fr> wrote:
> Great!
> just tested, and it IS efficient indeed. THANKS
> thanks. problem solved. (I did a deep search on the web and nothing like that
> emerged because I missed to include the "nxutils" keyword: any way to improve
> this situation, for future similar searches ?)

Well, there is no magic search, but if you search for:

  python point in polygon

about 10 or so results from the top is a link to this thread:


which mentions the nxutils routing.


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