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Sounds good, thanks for the update. Given the conversations subsequent to this post re. establishing that Kevin Murphy has given the go ahead re. porting and relicensing his Bayes Net matlab toolbox for integration into scipy, it sounds like one of the first orders of business for those who signed up for this project might be to try to establish whether the Openbayes project, or minor modifications/extensions, could provide a useful framework for the port. I'll continue to look at both but my understanding at this point is that the matlab toolbox currently has significantly more functionality than the Openbayes project. Looking at Kevin Murphy's description of his toolbox it seems he took a broader approach than some Bayes net packages re. general approaches to estimation in graphical models (which was attractive to me) and that might entail a different approach to the structure of the package than the author of Openbayes took (but this is just speculation at this point - I'll shut up).     

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The author of Openbayes does not mind integrating it into scipy, the
discussion can be found in the attached email.

>From this repo
I have converted it from numarray to numpy, the patch can be found at:

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> I'm starting to play with Bayes nets in a way that will require a little 
> more than just using some of the black box packages around (e.g. I'd 
> like to play around with using various regression models at the nodes) 
> and would love to do my exploring in the context of SciPy but I didn't 
> see any such packages currently available. I did find a python package 
> called OpenBayes (http://www.openbayes.org/) that after a very cursory 
> examination looked pretty nice but apparently is no longer being 
> developed. Does anyone know if there has ever been any discussion with 
> the author of that package re. incorporating it into SciPy ?
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