[SciPy-user] how to import umfpack?

Martin Lüthi answer@tnoo....
Mon Feb 11 16:21:19 CST 2008

Robin <robince@gmail.com> writes:

> On Feb 11, 2008 9:48 PM, Martin Lüthi <answer@tnoo.net> wrote:
>> Robin <robince@gmail.com> writes:
>> Is this on Ubuntu? I had to change the site.cfg file to
>> [umfpack]
>> umfpack_libs = umfpack
>> include_dirs = /usr/include/suitesparse
> Thanks, it is on Ubuntu. Here is my site.cfg. I don't have that, but I
> have the amd and umfpack headers in

Oh, I must have missed that you installed the libraries yourself. The
above entry is the only thing I had to add to site.cfg, having installed
libsuitesparse[-dev] (which includes UMFpack). As for Atlas I used
thought you atlas3-ss2-dev.

Best, Martin

Martin Lüthi                 answer@tnoo.net

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