[SciPy-user] fftn output format

Favre-Nicolin Vincent vincefn@users.sourceforge....
Thu Feb 14 02:27:42 CST 2008

On jeudi 14 février 2008, Brad Malone wrote:
> I hope I'm not asking a question that is provided in the
> documentation, but here I go.
> For fft the output format is
> [y(0),y(1),.......y(n/2-1),y(-n/2)......y(-1)], but what about for
> fftn where the array is 3x3x3?  Is it simply the same idea applied to
> each dimension?

   The format for fftw-calculated transforms is detailed in their manual:

See §4.7 "What FFTW Really Computes"

   OTOH I'm not 100% sure scipy always returns directly what fftw computes, 
without any transform.

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