[SciPy-user] splinalg import error

Stefan van der Walt stefan@sun.ac...
Thu Feb 14 03:58:40 CST 2008

Hi Robert

On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 09:58:35AM +0100, Robert Cimrman wrote:
> 2. a little grumble:
> is there a reason to require a nose version >= 10? I am not able to run 
> the tests for the moment, as I am reluctant to install nose manually and 
> my distribution uses nose-0.9.3. IMHO all people should be able to run 
> unit tests without requiring a bleeding edge version of some external 
> package.

For some reason, nose v0.9.x is still the default at the Python
package index as well -- but 0.10.1 is the latest release.  Nose is a
python-only package, so it is trivial to install using

easy_install --prefix=${HOME} nose==dev

If you use --prefix=${HOME} the packages are installed into
~/lib/python2.5/site-package, so you don't mess up the packaging
system of your distro.  Just remember to add that to your Python path
in, say, ~/.bashrc.

I agree that this situation isn't ideal for a release, though -- maybe
Matthew can provide a more satisfying workaround.


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