[SciPy-user] splinalg import error

Robert Cimrman cimrman3@ntc.zcu...
Fri Feb 15 11:05:41 CST 2008

Matthew Brett wrote:
> Hi Stefan, and all,
>>  I agree that this situation isn't ideal for a release, though -- maybe
>>  Matthew can provide a more satisfying workaround.
> I'd like to be satisfying! But, you mean, try and make the earlier
> version of nose find the tests?  I will have a look at the nose
> command line to see if there's an easy fix.
> I'm sorry for the test pain, but I am sure it will be major test gain
> quite soon - nose tests are very easy to write and maintain.

If it is not an easy fix, do not bother please. It is easy to install 
the new nose version, it just adds up when there are several such 
things. Thanks for working on the testing framework.


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