[SciPy-user] disabling fftw3 during scipy build

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Tue Feb 19 03:17:07 CST 2008

Barry Wark wrote:
> Stephen,
> Heh. I've always used the default, whatever that is. I have gfortran
> installed separately (see previous post), so I assume fftw-3 is built
> with that...
> Like Adam said, I'd stay away from g95 and stick with gfortran.

What is really important is not to mix g95 and gfortran (or g77 for that 
matter). I am not sure whether mac os X supports ldd, but when you see a 
fortran problem, always check that all your extensions use the same 
fortran runtime (if you see both g2c and gfortran, for example, you can 
be sure you will have problems).



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