[SciPy-user] Questions on scipy.io.read_array()

charlie charlie.xia.fdu@gmail....
Wed Feb 20 21:42:36 CST 2008


I am a newbie to scipy.
I am currently using it to deal with some statistical problems with possible
missing values.
these values are labeled 'na' in my data file.
However when I tried to read in my data into an array and substitute 'na'
with -1 (for example) by:
read_array( datafile, ..., missing=-1)
The array I got doesn't cast 'na' value into -1, but 0 - the default value
of parameter "missing".
And when I check mail list, I found the issue has already be raised by Joris
De Ridder:
So I guess there is something wrong with regard to scipy.io library.
Does anybody come across the same problem?
Should I raise a ticket for this seemingly bug?

Also, I'd like to ask for two general questions:
first, how efficient is python+numpy+scipy 's with major calls to statistics
distribution functions,
as compared to Matlab, C++ with CEPHES or GSL, and etc.
I compared it with my old R program, it seems python+numpy+scipy is little
bit faster.
Can anybody provide with some references to this?

Another question is there a good package handle missing values well within
Such as it can store the value as missing and fill it with different
inference method when desired.


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