[SciPy-user] Multithreading cookbook entry

Anand Patil anand.prabhakar.patil@gmail....
Thu Feb 21 13:39:48 CST 2008

>  Yep. Oops. Fixed in the v2 versions of the files. The wiki doesn't
>  make a very good version control system. Is it worth incorporating
>  those files into scipy?

I vote yes. In my opinion the following would combine to form a killer feature:

- The handythread idea is developed a little, maybe to provide
functionality comparable to OpenMP
- Instructions for releasing the GIL in different extension types
(swig, f2py, pyrex) are combined in one place
- The numpy functions that release the GIL are clearly enumerated.

Seriously, this is too big of a deal to be just a cookbook entry. I
spent a full week last month beating my head against OpenMP trying to
do something embarrassingly parallel in an f2py extension. I had to
apply a patch to gcc 4.2's libgomp, compile it manually, learn how
linking works, and try several other options because OpenMP was so
frustrating. Now it works but I have tons of bug-prone code
duplication in Fortran because I couldn't figure out how to just apply
the same parallelism structure to all subroutines.  The ability to
multithread from Python would have saved me all of that work.


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