[SciPy-user] Scipy.test() fails on Linux 64

LB berthe.loic@gmail....
Fri Feb 22 12:19:47 CST 2008

I investigated a little bit, and now I'm very close to make numpy
1.0.4 and scipy 0.6  work, and I wanted to share the information  :

- concerning the odr failure : this pb is related in the ticket #357
and fixed by the changeset 3498. Applying the corresponding patch
solves the problem

- concerning the scipy.linalg failure, I didn't find any ticket, but
I've tried to compile numpy+scipy on different computers and this
seems linked to the compiler. Inded, these failures disappear with
recent version of gcc (4.2) and withgfortran. I d'ont know if this is
linked to gcc or to gfortran.

Changing the version of the compiler was not enough to solve the case,
as a new pb appeared : runing the test suite caused an illegal
instruction. After checking Trac, I saw that a patch already existed.
This is related to the ticket  #404 and the corresponding patch is in
the changeset 3450.

I've still have one failure during the test suite, with the
lapack.float test, but this seems to be acceptable.

Now, I will have to compile all this on another machine where I should
Use the Portland Group Fortran compiler. Does anybody have any
feedback with this compiler ?


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