[SciPy-user] [Newbie] High-performance plotting of large datasets

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Thu Feb 28 02:57:00 CST 2008

Hi all,

Using LabVIEW software for our data analysis at the moment, I'm
currently looking for alternatives. Especially since LabVIEW's
"graphical" programming language is somewhat cumbersome for some of
the things we're doing --- an iterative language would often be much
easier. (Actually, I personally don't like the graphical way of
programming at all :) )

Python seems to be a great alternative, although I haven't been able
yet to get things up & running the way I'd like. The main 'problem' is
that LabVIEW contains a lot of high-performance library code for
plotting data. I've been experimenting with SciPy and matplotlib, but
those libraries are just *way* slower than LabVIEW when plotting large
data sets (in our case, it's a current trace with a few MBs of data).
I'd like to plot a current trace, so that the user can quickly zoom in
& out, and pan using a horizontal scroll bar, but how should I do
this? (I've looked around for examples a bit, but being a newbie, it
can be hard to find your way around such a huge community).

Another issue appears to be the creation of simple user interfaces.
This is very intuitive in LabVIEW, but could someone here give some
advice on a way to combine a UI and plot windows in a not-so-difficult
to learn way in Python? What's your own experience?

I've spent some time on looking at various packages and frameworks
like Traits, Chaco and Envisage, but I just can't seem to wrap my head
around them.

I'm looking forward to any help; thank you very much in advance!

Best regards,

Onno Broekmans

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