[SciPy-user] Usage of scipy KS test

Alexander Dietz Alexander.Dietz@astro.cf.ac...
Wed Jan 2 10:35:00 CST 2008


I am trying to use the KS test implemented to scipy.stats, but nowhere I
could find an example on how to use this function, for my purposes.

Therefore let me describe what I have and what I want to do. I have three
x - vector of points on the x-axis
y - vector of measured values for each of the x-points (cumulative
distribution, first value:0.0, last value:1.0)
m - vector containing values calculated from a model (cumulative
distribution, first value:0.0, last value:1.0)

Each list has the same length. Now I want to test the hypothesis, that both
vectors y and m are from the same distribution ( or not from the same

I would very appreciate if someone could send me a concrete example using
the vectors y and m.

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